Moments in Kenya Africa

We just finished our Album Moments+, and we are excited for you to hear what God has given us. We have a lot of moments we will be releasing between now and our official album release this fall. Our prayer since we started this journey has been for people all over the world truly to experience who Jesus is, and we know we have an opportunity to make that a reality.

Not too long ago, Samuel Olando, reached out to us asking if we could come and help cultivate an atmosphere of worship in Kenya Africa, specifically in Kisumu. We prayed and felt like God was calling us there for many reasons. Not only will we get the opportunity to train many of the leaders in the country on worship, but we also have the chance to release a sound that can truly shift some things in the area — one of those things being a high level of anxiety and depression leading to suicide. The suicide rate in Kenya has increased by 58% in the last decade.

We have partnered with The A.T.O., an organization whose mission is to stop suicides in the United States and Internationally. We will meet with the leaders in the communities as well as government officials to help put a stop to this increasing rate.

We are asking for your prayers and financial support to make this a reality. We are raising $15,000, and every little bit gets us closer to our goal. Will you consider partnering with us so we can release God’s kingdom all over the world?
Thank you

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